Optic fiber::

    Full installation, commissioning and maintenance services on fiber optic and cable trenching and ducting projects. Leasing of dark fiber can be negotiated on behalf of clients where available. Trenching is conducted according to internationally accepted standards where restitution and public safety is concerned. Cables professionally blown into ducts, spliced and commissioned according to industry accepted practices.


    AMTEC Consulting subscribes to the maxim “design for support, design the support, and support the design”, and realizes that logistic support and resources (maintenance, spare parts, training, etc.) is an operators’ largest expense over the useful life of their networks. In order to moderate these expenses, the goals of the AMTEC Consulting logistic engineering effort are to:
  • Have the logistical support considerations influence the design where possible
  • Identify and develop logistical support requirements that are related to the system and are supportive of readiness objectives of the system
  • Acquire the necessary logistical resources
  • Provide the required logistical support at the minimum cost
Logistical engineering management plans based on broad practical experience can be generated defining the logistical support concept and providing guidance on the logistical engineering tasks to be executed, realizing an optimal support system for networks, keeping them on the air. AMTEC engineers are able to man network operations centers, and have a network wide view due to their varied experience.